ECCV 2008 Review 2

Yuan Li


1) Face

FaceTracer: A Search Engine for Large Collections of Images with Faces Neeraj Kumar, Peter Belhumeur, and Shree Nayar Columbia University

2) People

Articulated Multi-body Tracking under Egomotion Stephan Gammeter, Andreas Ess, Tobias Jšaggli, Konrad Schindler, Bastian Leibe, and Luc Van Gool ETH Zšurich, RWTH Aachen, KU Leuven, IBBT

3) Object

PASCAL Visual Object Classes Challenge 2008 The detection group overview, two top score groups: a) LEAR_PlusClass Classification aided two stage localization Hedi Harzallah et al. INRIA, LEAR project team


Discriminatively Trained Mixtures of Deformable Part Models Pedro Felzenszwalb et al. University of Chicago, TTI-C, UC Irvine * This one is a follow up work from a paper I presented in a CVPR 2008 review seminar.

The last topic is more focused on the state of the art performance instead of novel approaches. Therefore I'd like to give a more general overview-like presentation while leaving out the detail so that people interested could have a closer look themselves. :)

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