GE Global Research Intelligent Video

Dr. Peter Tu


GE Global Research has developed an intelligent video framework targeted at the automatic surveillance of large sites. The talk begins with a discussion of autocalibration methods enabling the inference of the location, orientation and intrinsic parameters of a network of cameras with respect to a world coordinate system. The concept of a One-World-View in which all site imagery is merged into a single view is discussed. A review of a person detectors and tracking is then presented. Going from gross tracks to articulated motion and gaze detection is then discussed. Methods for Biometrics at a distance via model fitting and super-resolution of the face are presented as well as recent work on iris recognition at a distance. Going beyond the location and identity of an individual, methods for inferring individual intent will be presented. The talk concludes with a discussion of how all these techniques can be combined into real-time event detection and site-awareness system of systems.

Maintained by Dian Gong