IMAGO Research Group: Ongoing Projects in Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

Prof. Olga Bellon


Ongoing researches at IMAGO Group focuses on three main subjects: (1) digital preservation of cultural and natural objects, (2) biometrics, and (3) accessibility tools for people with special needs. Regarding digital preservation, we developed a complex pipeline for 3D modeling, from range image acquisition through the generation of precise 3D models. We are going to present some results of our method when applied to art objects, fossils, and insects. By now, we are working on to improve the 3D models by applying high resolution images from a digital camera.

Our research in biometrics has two main contributions: (1) it establishes the necessary conditions for newborn identification, and (2) it obtains the best rank-one score for 3D face recognition on the FRGC v2 database. For newborn identification, we developed a prototype for a high resolution acquisition system, in order to obtain suitable hand/foot images. Then, we made an analysis of the needed features to allow newborn identification. Current researches are adapting the method we developed for fingerprint recognition to work on newborns hand/footprints.

Also, we developed a robust measure for range image registration, called the Surface Interpenetration Measure. This new measure has been applied to 3D face recognition, using a hierarchical model, with results higher than 98% for both the identification and verification scenarios, using the Face Recognition Grand Challenge version 2 database. In this talk we are going to present this new measure and how it works for face recognition using range images. Finally, we have developed a number of accessibility tools to help people with special needs in using computers.

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