Inference for Video Events of MPEG-7 Multimedia Description Scheme

Duckhoon Kim


The goal of the MPEG-7 standard is to allow interoperable searching, indexing, filtering and access of audio-visual content, but MPEG-7 has been developed as generic as possible. Especially, MPEG-7 Multimedia Description Scheme (MDS), which can represent video events semantically, does not possess an ontology or inference engine for reasoning. Therefore, it is an important issue to find an appropriate inference engine for MPEG-7 MDS. In this talk, Event Description Framework (EDF) is examined as an inference engine for MPEG-7 MDS. First, MPEG-7 is briefly introduced and MPEG-7 MDS is described in detail. Then EDF is explained in some degrees and the relationship between EDF and MPEG-7 MDS is presented with their conversion rule. Finally, some examples are shown for better understanding.

Maintained by Qian Yu