2D Tensor Voting and Programming in General

René Dencker Eriksen


My talk will be a bit different from the traditional seminars. This decision has been made since I have spend most of my time here building a library for 2D Tensor Voting and have not much new to tell about the theory behind it. So I will split the talk in two parts:

1. Presentation of the TV2D (Tensor Voting 2D) library illustrated with the GUI Application.

2. A talk about the necessity for reusable code and how to structure libraries. I will here focus on building libraries for researchers. I will also present some of the facilities and coding techniques in the C++ programming language.

If time permits, I will show a small video demonstration of my Ph.D. project I am working on in Denmark. It will show what has happened since my talk last year here at U.S.C.

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