Real-time 2D Image Mosaic

Elaine Kang


Image Mosaic techniques have been used in the areas of panoramic photography, image compression and tele-presence. An Image mosaic is a synthetic composition generated from a sequence of images and it can be obtained by understanding geometric relations between images. Through this process, we acquire various operations such as changing the viewpoint and deleting a moving object.

Some companies such as Sarnoff Corporation have developed a wide variety of applications of mosaic technology and already commercialized mosaic technology but in order to utilize mosaic technology in other fields of research a basic mosaic system needs to be developed in-house.

The short-term goal of this research is thus to provide a comparable set of mosaic tools to further other types of research. In order words, this research attempts to get not only the mosaic image but also very fast 2D stabilization for other real-time motion tracking applications.

In the talk, the approaches used to achieve the real-time constraint, applications and other issues will be presented.

On-line references

VSAM - Motion compensation and mosaicing

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