Agent Vi -Automatically Detects Multiple Event Types at Large-Scale Digital Surveillance Networks

Gadi Talmon


Agent Video Intelligence?? (Agent Vi??) offers the premiere video intelligence solution for largescale video surveillance networks. Employing a proprietary image processing platform, the Vi-System?? enables automatic event detection customized to the specifi c and ever-changing demands of each customer. The Vi-System achieves: 1. Unlimited video intelligence 2. Flexible installation and operation 3. Low total cost of ownership Until Agent Vi, video intelligence (VI) solutions were neither flexible nor cost-efficient enough to be integrated into Large-Scale surveillance networks. Now, Agent Vi has eliminated these constraints and allows all large-scale video surveillance systems to employ the power of video intelligence. The Vi-System is a video intelligence system for large scale video surveillance networks, based on Agent Vií»s patented Image Processing over IP (IPoP??) technology. The system includes platform components and specifi c algorithms called detectors.

Maintained by Qian Yu