The Registar Machine: From Concept to Installation

Andres Huertas


The Registar machine takes four color separation films and registers them with better than 1 mil (0.025") precision. Color separations are half-tone representations of continuous tones. Four are needed to reproduce color. This accuracy is needed for very high quality printing of color images. And the machine had to do this fast (seconds). In this talk we give a brief description of the color printing process, and the development of the elements of a vision system that could take the place of highly skilled professionls in the graphic arts industry.

This work took place in the late 80's here at IRIS and involved issues of feature representation and sub-pixel precision matching. As the vision problems were solved, several conference and journal papers emerged, including an "Outstanding Paper" award at CVPR. A patent was awarded to G. Medioni et al. in 1989.

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