On the Management of A Large Research Group: Sharing of my experience at USC

Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo


I have often encountered a problem during my trips to different places: "How do you run such a large research group at USC?" Actually, it is not easy to give a simple answer to this question. Most researchers and PhD students pay little attention to the management issue such as time, objective, resources and teamwork management. However, if a PhD student can be more sensitive to his/her resource management, it is likely that he/she will graduate in a timely manner. The management skills become even more important, when a student starts to work after graduation. I received very little training in management myself in the PhD program. However, during my career path, I have gradually learned management skills to meet several challenges. I feel that this knowledge will be very beneficial to PhD students, if they are sensitive to the need in an early stage. In this talk, I will share my experience of running a large research group at USC. Even though it is presented from a faculty viewpoint, quite a few principles are applicable to students as well.

Maintained by Qian Yu