Development of communicative functions for humanoid robots

Yosuke Matsusaka

In this talk, I will make an introduction about communicative functions of human shaped robots developed in Waseda University. Our humanoid robot ROBITA (Real-world Oriented BI-modal Talking Agent) is a research platform which has combined function of speech recognition, gesture recognition, gaze direction recognition and head movement recognition. This talk focuses on the use of these functions in the real-world real-body communication such as participation to multiparty conversation, use of hand gestures in 3D-space or use of facial expressions as a feedback. Some of the issues concerning recognition of human behaviors in natural conversation is discussed also.

About the Speaker: The speaker is a fellow of the Japan Society of Promotion of Science who is visiting USC-ICT for the next 18 months.
The work described was performed at Waseda University, Japan:

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