Movies to Geometric 3D Models: the Structure-from-Motion Problem

John Oliensis


I describe some of my recent results on the Structure-from-Motion problem (SFM). Given a sequence of photographic images of a fixed 3D scene, taken by a camera at several unknown positions and orientations, the problem is to recover 1) a 3D geometric model of the scene (structure), 2) the camera's position and orientation for each image (motion).

One seeks estimates that optimally explain the image data: thus, SFM is an optimization problem. Formally, the goal is to find the estimate of the scene and motion minimizing the ``error'' between the data predicted by the estimate and the actual image data. To understand the SFM problem---and to ensure that algorithms avoid false reconstructions---one must understand the shape of the ``error surface,'' i.e., how the error depends on the estimate.

My recent results include:

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