Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans based on Static Body Part Detection

Bo Wu


Tracking of humans in videos is important for many applications. A major source of
difficulty in performing this task is due to inter-human or scene occlusion. We present an
approach based on representing humans as an assembly of four body parts and detection
of the body parts in single frames which makes the method insensitive to camera motions.

The responses of the body part detectors and a combined human detector provide
the ``observations" used for tracking. Trajectory initialization and termination are both fully
automatic and rely on the confidences computed from the detection responses. An object
is tracked by data association if its corresponding detection response can be found; otherwise it
is tracked by a meanshift style tracker. Our method can track humans with both inter-object and
scene occlusions. The system is evaluated on three sets of videos and compared with
previous method.

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