Context Based Tracking

Visual tracking in unconstrained environments is very challenging due to the existence of several sources of varieties such as changes in appearance, varying lighting conditions, cluttered background, and frame-cuts. A major factor causing tracking failure is the emergence of regions having similar appearance as the target. It is even more challenging when the target leaves the field of view (FoV) leading the tracker to follow another similar object, and not reacquire the right target when it reappears. This paper presents a method to address this problem by exploiting the context on-the-fly in two terms: Distracters and Supporters. Both of them are automatically explored using a sequential randomized forest, an online template-based appearance model, and local features. Distracters are regions which have similar appearance as the target and consistently cooccur with high confidence score. The tracker must keep tracking these distracters to avoid drifting. Supporters, on the other hand, are local key-points around the target with consistent co-occurrence and motion correlation in a short time span. They play an important role in verifying the genuine target. Extensive experiments on challenging real-world video sequences show the tracking improvement when using this context information. Comparisons with several state-of-the-art approaches are also provided.

See the 2011 CVPR paper: Context Tracker: Exploring Supporters and Distracters in Unconstrained Environments .