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3D Modeling of Faces from Video


3D face models are important for a wide array of applications including surveillance, gaming, military simulation, virtual teleconferencing/chat, and surgical simulation. Of particular interest to the intelligence community is the application to face recognition. Face recognition methods based on 3D face models have been shown to significantly outperform methods based on 2D images alone. The models are insensitive to lighting variations and changes in facial characteristics over time. While the surface of the face may change cosmetically, the underlying 3D geometry remains constant. Acquiring face data from cameras promises unobtrusive recognition, potentially from large distances.

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The goal of this project is to reconstruct 3D faces from video, leveraging ubiquitous commercial and consumer imaging devices ranging from cell phones to surveillance cameras. Our method relies solely on observed data and does not require the use of strong prior models to constrain the reconstruction, as this often results in models with a strong bias towards the model prior.

We have developed a complete system that transforms a monocular video sequence into a 3D face model. Some results are shown below.