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  D. Fidaleo, R. Evan Schumacher, and M. Trivedi, Visual Contextualization and Activity Analysis for Networked Telepresence, ACM International Workshop on Effective Telepresence, New York, New York, 2004.  

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D. Fidaleo, G-Folds: An appearance based model of facial gestures for performance driven facial animation, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Southern California, August 2003.    
R. Enciso, A. Memon, D. A. Fidaleo, U. Neumann and J. Mah - The Virtual Craniofacial Patient:
3D Jaw Modeling and Animation
- "MMVR11 - NextMed: Health Horizon" , The 11th Annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, January 22 - 25, 2003.

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