I s a a c  C O H E N 



Face Detection and 3D Head Pose Estimation




D e s c r i p t i o n 


Head pose, eye gaze and facial gestures convey a significant narrative of the user's state and should control the flow of the human computer interactions. Head pose and eye gaze jointly reveal the spatial point or region of interest of the user. Facial expressions and actions convey the emotions or attentional state of the user.
In this research effort we have developed a technique that permits us to automatically detect and track the head pose and to derive the six degrees of freedom parameters of the head motion from a single camera. It enables us to identify the head pose that will be used in the next stage of robust facial gesture identification that is independent of the head pose.

S t u d e n t s 


  • Wei-Kai Liao
  • Kyoungchin Seo

R e s u l t s 


Real-time Face Pose Estimation

The arrow illustrates the estimated 3D pose

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