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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles




D e s c r i p t i o n 


The detection and tracking of moving objects in a video stream acquired by a UAV is a challenging problem, as it requires estimating the camera motion, detecting independent moving objects in the scene, and finally tracking these objects by associating blob features across frames. We address these specific problems in our research effort and we have developed a system capable of detecting and tracking moving objects in UAV video. The system modules are: image stabilization, image mosaicing, detection and tracking of moving objects.

S t u d e n t s 


  • Elaine Kang
  • Jinman Kang

R e s u l t s 


Motion Stabilization

Original video Mosaic

Motion Stabilization of IR video

Original video Mosaic

Detection of Moving Objects

Original video Detection
Mosaic and detection Mosaic and tracking

Detection and Tracking of moving objects

Original video Detection Tracking

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