I s a a c  C O H E N 



 R e s e a r c h  T o p i c s 




V i d e o  A n a l y s i s 


  • Video Analysis and Content Extraction
    Developing tools for automated analysis of video sequences. Detection and tracking of moving objects for deriving a structured description of the video and automatic events understanding. An ARDA funded project.

V i d e o  S u r v e i l l a n c e 


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Stabilizing UAV-acquired video streams, mosaicing,
    detection and tracking of multiple objects

3D  H u m a n  S e n s i n g 


  • 3D Hand modeling
    Real-time reconstruction of hand articulated model from two synchronized video streams.

M e d i c a l  I m a g e  A n a l y s i s


P a s t  P r o j e c t s