I s a a c  C O H E N 



 S t u d e n t s 




Current PhD students

  • Tae Eun Choe, Segmentation, registration and 3D reconstruction of retinal images.
  • Chi Wei Chu, Posture and gesture recognition.
  • Shengyang Dai, Image and spatio-temporal segmentation.
  • Paul Hsiung, Machine Learning and Object recognition.
  • Sung Lee, Hand and fingers gesture recognition.
  • Wei Kai Liao, Facial gesture analysis in interactive environment
  • Tom Murray , Uper body segmentation in interacting environment
  • Shih-Ching Yeh , Visual Sensing for VR environment
  • Qian Yu, Detection and tracking of moving objects from stationary and moving cameras.

Current Masters students

  • Chia-Chun Cheng, Detection of motion blur.

Past PhD students

  • Jinman Kang, Graduated in 2004, Vidient.
  • Elaine Kang, Graduated in 2003, Assistant Professor at California State University, Los Angeles.

Past Masters students

  • Alexandre Benotmane, Surface Description
  • Riccardo Corsi, Surface Matching
  • Kalpitkumar Gajera, Detection and tracking of moving objects from UAV videos.
  • Habib Haddad, 3D reconstruction of human torso from multiple cameras
  • Shravan Herroor, Remote Sensing Environmental Changes Detection: Vortex detection in atmospheric image sequences
  • Hongxia Li, 3D Human Posture Recognition.
  • Alessandro Marianantoni, Head pose estimation.
  • Jay Patel, Image enhancement
  • Kyoungchin Seo, Face detection and head pose estimation.
  • Devarshi Shah, Registration of angiographic images of the retina and 3D reconstruction of the retina