Research Interests:
    I am interested in both general methodologies and real-life applications of the following fields:
  • Computer vison, image and video understanding;
  • AI, statistical inference and learning;
  • Computer graphics and computer animation;
  • Image processing and pattern recognition;
  • Human vision and biologically motivated vision.

Research Projects:



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  • Tao Zhao, Ram Nevatia, Car Detection in Low Resolution Aerial Images, Image and Vision Computing Journal, vol.21, no.8, August 2003, pp. 693-703. [PDF]


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  • Ram Nevatia, Tao Zhao, Somboon Hongeng, Hierarchical Language-based Representation of Events in Video Streams, EVENT(IEEE Workshop on Event Mining)03 [PDF]
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  • Tao Zhao, Ram Nevatia, 3D Tracking of Human Locomotion: a Tracking as Recognition Approach, ICPR02. [PDF] [Abstract&Results]
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  • Tao Zhao, Tianshu Wang, Harry Shum, Learning highly structured motion model for 3D human tracking, ACCV2002. [PDF(final version)] [PDF(longer review version)] [Abstract&Results]
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