Hi~. I am Li Zhang.

I have left USC for another adventure. I'm currently working for Facebook. I will not forget the exciting research and happy time I had with my colleagues here at Computer Vision Lab. And many thanks to my advisor Ram Nevatia for all the guidance.

I received my bachlor and master's degree from Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I used to work in Prof.Haizhou Ai's group. I got my second master from Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California.


My research interests are computer vision and machine learning.

I used to do research on face alignment (facial feature extraction) in Tsinghua University.  

At USC, I've worked on video detection and tracking, human pose estimation and recognition, and 3D Face recognition.


  • Li Zhang, Haizhou Ai, Shihong Lao, Shuichiro Tsukiji, “Method for outlining and aligning a face in the processing of an image”. US Patent Filed, Sept.,2006, No.11/517,485, Assignee: OMRON & Tsinghua.


Contact Me

Li Zhang
Email: lzhang at facebook dot com


I like travel, photography, playing soccer, watching movies and anime.