USC IRIS Image Data

This index contains pointers to available image data in various forms. The organization and formats are primarily driven by our internal needs. These images have been accumulated over several years. If you copy and use any data you must acknowledge the source (which may not necessarily be USC for much of the data). The source and description of each image is sometimes available in other files stored along with the image, sometimes in the file and/or directory name, sometimes in the image header, and sometimes lost in the depths of time.

Since this data represents the accumulation of data over years from many different sources, image formats are variable. Often there is the usual README file that explains the format or files have a corresponding .hdr file that may give some indication of the format. The most common formats of this data is raw raster (no header) data or the block format (with header) for using Image Calc or RCDE. We try not to be too choosy on formats and attempt to use data in whatever form it comes in. Data we created years ago was raw raster, data we have created more recently is in the RCDE format.

Image data possibilities:

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