Directions to the IRIS Labs

IRIS is located in Powell Hall on the Second floor, with labs on the first floor.

The university entrance from Exposition Blvd. (Gate 1) is the most convenient to PHE, which is located at 37th Place and Watt Way in the South West quadrant of campus.

To see what it really looked like in January 2005, we have a photo:

Freeway access is via I-110 (Exposition Blvd. exit) or I-10 (Vermont Ave. exit):

From the airport, I-105 to I-110 is the easiest route. Exit at Exposition Blvd. (West) to USC gate 1. Note if you are using the carpool lanes there is an exit for the Collesium that gets you to USC from the south. If you miss that exit, take the carpool to the end and exit at Adams where you then take Figueroa south to Exposition (USC will be on your right).

On the Campus Map Powell Hall is around coordinate location B/C-6/7 (labelled PHE, see the second page for the meaning of other labels). For the full official USC directions with maps, parking information, transit information, shuttles, places to eat, and the popular Tommy Cam, you should visit USC. There are only a few hotels in the immediate vicinity:

1 is the most convenient -- walk to campus
1. Radisson Midtown Los Angeles, (213) 748-4141
3540 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA
6. Holiday Inn, Downtown Los Angeles, (866) 270-5110
1020 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA (2 miles)
2. Vagabond Inns, (213) 746-1531
3101 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA
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